In order to expedite the COVID vaccination process, OCH Regional Medical Center will assist the Mississippi State Department of Health by providing a COVID vaccine clinic on Tuesday, January 12 to those 75 years and older. The vaccinations will be administered by OCH nurses and will take place in the hospital’s community room located adjacent to the main entrance. According to guidelines handed down by MSDH, this population is one of two groups eligible to receive the vaccine at this time.

“We are continuing to vaccinate our staff and other healthcare professionals in our community,” said Savannah Brown, OCH Interim Chief Nursing Officer and Infection Control Director. “We know from statistics that those 75 and better are particularly high-risk for negative outcomes from COVID infections, so we want to provide this protection to them as soon as possible.”

Brown said 100 shots will be available on a first come, first-served basis, and individuals should make an appointment to be vaccinated. She also added that anyone who has had COVID and received monoclonal antibody therapy (MAT therapy) within the past 90 days or has received another vaccine within the past two weeks should not receive the vaccine at this time. Patients who have an autoimmune disorder or severe allergies should consult with their doctor or nurse practitioner before being vaccinated.

The vaccine is a series of two shots, one month apart. The second dose must be given at the same facility as the first dose. Those 75 years and older may schedule a time to receive the vaccine by calling 662-615-2956 on Monday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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